Networking Solutions Tailored For Your Specific Needs

Peer To Peer / Workgroup - Perhaps you only have two or more PCs that you need to get connected together.  To share an internet connection, or a printer, or even files.  We can help you get them connected, configured and talking.

Client / Server - Whether you already have a server that isn't configured optimally, or you currently have a workgroup configuration and are running into the limitations and problems with that configuration, we can help you choose a server with the right OS for your current needs and also one that will grow with you.

There are a number of topics to consider when choosing a network configuration, let us help you sort through the many options and arrive at a solution that is best suited for your needs.  A few things to consider:

  • How many machines do you currently have?
  • Do you plan to expand that count in the near future?
  • Do you or your outside representatives use mobile email (either via mobile phone or notebook / netbook)?
  • Do you have or need a server?
  • What important resources are currently sitting on various workstations that could be stored and backed up on a central server?
Give us a call and we can help you answer these and other networking related questions.