The "Peace of Mind" Maintenance Plan Is Available

Let us help you BEFORE it becomes an issue!

Included: 1 hour per month on-site service for performing maintenance such as:
  • Physical cleaning the inside of computers (dust removal).
  • Testing the health of the hard drives.  The leading cause of data loss is failed hard drives!
  • Inspection of system event logs and identifying errors that could lead to downtime and lost revenue.
  • Checking the status of backups, making sure they are running properly and protecting your data.
  • Checking the status of anti-malware solutions, verifying the subscriptions and or updates.
Included: 1 hour per month of remote support for resolution of minor problems like email errors, help with office suite issues, training, etc.

Included: Repair calls are priced at a 20% discount on our normal hourly rate of $75.00 per hour.  You get service calls for only $60.00 per hour!

The Cost: $100.00 per month. Due on the first of the month, for benefits during that month.  There is no contract.

The Benefits: Regular maintenance can greatly decrease the likelyhood of a catastrophic system failure that can result in data loss, requiring huge amounts of time from which to recover. This results in your time spent on unproductive tasks that could have been prevented to begin with, and having to spend resources on repairs which are always more expensive after the failure than before. This, in and of itself, is already a great deal. However, we are taking it one step further and giving you a 20% discount off of our normal hourly rate and you only pay $60.00 per hour for unscheduled office call outs.